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Manufacturing efficiency and equipment optimization mean rolls of product are received, converted and shipped out the door at unprecedented speeds making core performance critical through every phase of the production process. Double H Plastics maintains the industry's largest inventory of plastic cores to make sure you get the products you need according to your precise specifications, exactly when you need them.
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Strength and Ability
Double H Plastics' cores resist moisture, dust contamination and provide greater crush resistance. For converting films consistent surface ovality is critical to ensure the material isn't stretched on-press, which can lead to web breaks or print registration challenges. Damaged cores mean lost profitability— rolls of material sent back to the material supplier, or converted rolls of printed stock sent back to you from your customer.
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Spring 2014
Double H Plastics Achieves SQF Level 3 Certification
Click here to read a PDF of the press release "Double H Plastics Achieves SQF Level 3 Certification"

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